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Personally, I needed a place to go where I could be myself... I wanted to be a part of and contribute to an environment, where people have gathered solely for encouragement & reassurance. And I figured that I wasn’t the only person, who could appreciate such a place

Dr. Sean Hubbard


What people say about TWC Social

Derrick Wilson

What I like about TWC Social is it’s positivity, haha! Frankly, I needed more of it, in my life. I was going through a tough time and needed every ounce of support I could find; even if it wasn’t necessarily directed at me, but was available... At one point, TWC was all I had...

Sherrie Williams

My daughter recommended TWC to me. Some of the other platforms had become so thorny; they became places people went to argue about current events. I needed a place to go and celebrate the variety life brings.

Dr. Ashley Barber

I heard about TWC Social on one of my podcasts. I really liked the vibe of their platforms; I think they’re really healthy for people, so I highly recommend TWC to friends and family, who want to be their best selves and to be around others who want that for themselves.

Jennifer James

Dr. Hubbard was my doctor, when he had his own practice. He used to treat my migraines. I was a member of his original TWC support group - believe it or not, we used to meet in his living room. He has always tried to find unique ways to help people, for as long as I’ve known him. I’m totally here for it!

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