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Trained as a hospital neurologist, at some point, I did become interested to see patients, who were NOT in the hospital, further along their respective roads to recovery.

"Any more weakness? Any more headaches?" I would routinely ask... Ultimately, I grew restless, having an entire doctor-patient relationship, based on a person's disease process; several years into practice, I decided to change the name from The Neurological Management Group to The Winners' Circle. That was the beginning of having a place of which people could be proud.

The Winners' Circle was a success, but life became more complicated for me; I closed my practice, but very much desired to maintain my connections online. I developed social media platform groups (of the same name), but the overall culture of those hosting platforms felt too influential.

Basically, we needed our own platform. Chances are, you were invited here to The Winners' Circle, because someone thought special of you and wanted to see you flourish. Welcome! Let's win together and #KeepWinning

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